"Webinar automation saved us from doing 20 live webinars every week while still letting us chat with customers."

West Hubbard, VP, Business Development of Adwerx

West Hubbard
West Hubbard, VP, Business Development
Durham, NC, USA
Real estate tech, SaaS
Customer success, SaaS, Real estate

About Adwerx

Adwerx, the only Customer Relationship Advertising™ solution, provides automated digital advertising for over 300 enterprises and over 300,000 individual customers. Always at the forefront of digital advertising best practices, Adwerx specializes in providing personalized advertising at scale for distributed sales teams across real estate, mortgage, wealth management, financial services, and beyond. Using Adwerx, customers deliver these customized ads programmatically across streaming TV, popular websites, Facebook and Instagram, and mobile apps, while driving growth through digital advertising automation that increases brand visibility, boosts productivity by 15%, and reduces turnover by 42%.

How automation saved Adwerx from doing 20+ webinars/week and still let them chat with customers

Hi, this is West Hubbard, VP of Business Development at Adwerx. Wanted to talk a little bit about a solution we have been absolutely in love with using lately, which is eWebinar.

I used to give almost a full week's worth of single branded webinars that would span from Tuesday morning till Thursday afternoon. Where I would go 30 minutes by 30 minutes on a GoToWebinar and have a dedicated meeting for each brand we work with.

Now that we're over 500 partners that certainly isn't practical for us to do, nor is it a good use of someone's time. I used to wait the 5-10 minutes for no one to join and then move on about my day.

With eWebinar, can have a really perfectly polished presentation that we're happy with, that people can play in the evenings, they can play in the mornings, and then best of all we still have the chat functionality.

That was always, we were kind of afraid to give up the webinar experience. We wanted it to feel live, but now we can still actually chat, have welcome messages and people can feel they're actually on a live experience and on a live demo. But actually we've been able to scale this, record them all, and it's been really helpful for our training team.

I certainly am very happy., I am not still giving whatever that...I think it was over 20 webinars every week. So we highly recommend eWebinar. It's been something that we've been very happy to be using. I've been happy to be using, and the whole team there is fantastic.