"The leads we get from eWebinar are more qualified because we give them value before presenting the offer."

Lukas Andersson, Founder of Remote Job Resource

Lukas Andersson
Lukas Andersson, Founder
Remote Job Resource
Stockholm, Sweden
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About Remote Job Resource

Founded in 2020 on the belief that working from home shouldn't be a luxury, Remote Job Resource specializes in helping workers secure remote jobs. The company is based on the pillars of Results, Support, Simplicity, Community, and Quality, and aims to help employees improve their career opportunities and experience the freedom to work in the way that best suits them.

How Remote Job Resource uses eWebinar to educate prospective customers about its product 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world unexpectedly in 2020, the workplace as we knew it changed along with it. Many people lost their jobs, while others found themselves trading their fancy offices for the comfort of their own homes. Millions of workers across the globe found that they preferred working remotely, and have since vowed to never go back to an office. 

Remote Job Resource is dedicated to helping employees find work-from-home gigs that can allow them to say goodbye to long commutes and take advantage of a wide range of jobs spanning different regions and countries. The company uses eWebinar to explain its program to customers and to build rapport with them, giving them value long before they try to sell them anything.

Hi, Lukas! Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. Can you introduce yourself and tell me a little bit about your company?

Sure. We’re all about remote work. We’re currently building a community for people working remotely. We also provide coaching, training, and services to help people find and land remote jobs, primarily focusing on beginners at the moment. However, we’re planning to launch a more advanced done-for-you service where we directly help with the process.

ما هي المشاكل التي كنت تكافح معها يا رفاق قبل eWebinar؟

As we mostly sell our products to beginners, it’s been really important to educate them before we sell them something. Most people have no idea about how we are able to help them and what they can achieve. They have limiting beliefs and they need a complete transformation before we are able to sell anything to them – and more importantly, before we are able to help them with the transformation.

"Before eWebinar, we had a huge issue with getting the right information to people."

Before eWebinar, we had a huge issue with getting the right information to people. They were simply not qualified or ready when we decided to pitch our products and services to them.

How do you use eWebinar at your company? What are the different use cases?

We use eWebinar to run a beginner training, where we go through our strategy and how we can help them. Then at the end, we give them an offer to join our premium program where we give them lots of educational resources and coaching over multiple weeks.

ماذا فعلت قبل الندوة الإلكترونية عبر الإنترنت؟

Before eWebinar, we were dabbling with shorter educational videos that we sent via email. However, we had some big problems: very few people clicked on the emails, which led to most people missing our content, which was a big problem because they actually found it helpful and stayed for it once they got to the page.

"We used to send educational videos via email, but very few people clicked on the emails." 

In addition, no one was interested in watching an hour-long video; people simply got bored. That was a big dilemma, because short videos had “attendance problems” and our long-form training was not able to keep their attention for long enough.

ما هي الفوائد التي رأيتها من استخدام eWebinar؟

With eWebinar, we are able to run a free complete training where we give viewers everything they need. We add interactions to make it fun, and we also get a lot of valuable data from them since we ask them how they are feeling at certain points in our presentation, and from eWebinar's analytics tools.

"eWebinar allows us to give viewers everything they need, while also gaining valuable data from them."

Using these tools, we are able to see when most people drop off, which has been super helpful in improving our presentation and offer.

How do your customers feel about the eWebinar hybrid format?

We’ve only seen positive feedback from our trainings that we run through eWebinar. We only use the on-demand webinar option, which means that all of our customers are aware that we run this training as an evergreen webinar. We still have really good watch times, so that hasn’t been an issue at all.

"We've only seen positive feedback from our trainings that we run through eWebinar." 

I honestly think that people appreciate the honesty, and that we don’t try to hide that it’s a pre-recorded stream. Plus, it’s been very valuable to be able to directly chat with our potential customers as they are watching the training, since we are able to build some extra rapport and answer specific questions as they come up.

How have you helped your team and/or company by implementing eWebinar?

We are finally able to get our entire training in front of our people before we ask them to turn into a customer. This makes them much more qualified, and also makes them much more interested in buying since we actually have enough time to explain everything step-by-step, build rapport, and give them value before we even sell them anything.

ما الذي تحبه أكثر في المنصة؟

I love many things about eWebinar, but the main thing is just how everything is so smooth. The entire process of setting up a webinar is incredibly easy, and you know that every necessary feature is available. 

لمن توصي ب eWebinar؟

I would recommend it to anyone that needs to spend a bit of time with a prospect before a sale, to be able to educate them in an engaging and simple way.

"eWebinar has helped make it easy to bring in new prospects and give them full training and a personalized experience." 

eWebinar has been really helpful in making it easy to bring in new prospects, give them a full training and personalized experience, and do it pretty much automatically so that we are able to focus on improving the product and our community, while still giving them a great experience.

Thank you for your time, Lukas! I'm so happy to hear that eWebinar has been a great fit for Remote Job Resource!

Are you a workers who is looking for a way to break free from the traditional office model? Be sure to check out all of the amazing things that Remote Job Resource can offer you! 

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